Blutooth Audio Link – Video!

Above is a video about my Bluetooth Audio Link board REV.1.

My revision 2 board is currently up on OSHPark, so go check that out!

Also if you have got a rev.1 board here are the instructions for making it work properly! Unfortunately there were some design changes needing to be made which I overlooked on rev.1. So here are the instructions:

[gview file=””]

In response to Corey, who requested a parts list for BAL Rev.2. Below is the Parts List for the REV.2 board, as exported from eagle, hope this helps:

[gview file=””]

Here is the schematic for the board:
BAL Schematic

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  1. Hi, I’m looking at purchasing your rev 2 board here from Oshpark, I was just trying to see if you had a parts list as well, so that I could total up cost and make sure I have matching footprints. Thanks!

    • I have added the parts list above 🙂 have fun! Note: I have also fixed a bug with the board, so it all should work fine for you, if it doesn’t, let me know! Thanks, Tom

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