Nixie Tube Driver Library

We have written an Arduino library to accompany the Nixie Tube Driver which is designed to simplify displaying of numbers, decimals, and symbols on the display. It also features an easy to implement "clock mode".

The Nixie library also includes a comprehensive backlight controller. This allows smooth blending of colours between fades, custom colour loops, and user controllable durations - all in the background of the sketch.

You can download the library and view the accompanying command guide by using the buttons above.

Nixie Tube Driver
Nixie Arduino Library Screenshot

Nixie Tube Driver from Doayee

We wrote this Nixie Tube Driver Arduino Library to be used in conjunction with our Nixie Tube Driver. A project which can be found on Kickstarter, and our website, using the link above.

3rd Party Libraries

In addition to the libraries written and supported by us, there is an awesome library for the ESP8266 written by Joe Pasqua (thanks Joe!). You can download it here.

The library written is based on the version 1 arduino library, and as such should be accompanied by the version 1 command guide.

Note: as this library is 3rd party, it will not be actively maintained by us here at Doayee.

If you do encouter a bug however, feel free to get in touch via email (shown at the top of the command guide) and we will endeavour to help you as much as possible. The library is open source code and falls under the GNU Lesser General Public License; as such it is free to use, adapt, redistribute, hack, stick on a billboard, complain about, or contribute to.

Nixie Tube Driver