Bluetooth Audio Link

The BAL is a development board for Bluetooth Audio devices, based on the RN52 chip from Microchip. In its simplest form the BAL can be used for connecting your phone or laptop and streaming high quality stereo audio from it via an on-board pre-amplifier and pop filter. Many more complex features are available with the BAL such as connecting a micro-controller, and controlling the connected device via Bluetooth, as well as being a fully broken out development board for the RN52 from Microchip.

The BAL is available for purchase with three different options. It can be bought as a fully assembled product, or as a DIY kit including the board and all the components for those with surface mount soldering ability. Alternatively it is available with all SMT components soldered, and just through-hole components left for the DIY stage for those less confident!

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Nixie Tube Driver

An easy way to add nixie tubes to your projects!

Using our Nixie Driver library, you can display whatever you like with a few simple commands from an Arduino, or any equivalent micro-controller. Based on the HV5122 from microchip and featuring a RGB backlight on all the tubes, this is an attractive solution for anyone looking to use IN12A/B or IN15A/B Nixie tubes in a project.

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Coming Soon... STM32F7 Development Board

All of the power of an Core-M7 ARM Microprocessor in a simple and easy to use package. This STM32F7 Development Board has all the basic features you need to get the chip up and running, including voltage regulation, programming header, and a USB interface, without making you pay for all the extra's you don't need. You simply plug in and harness the raw processing power at your disposal. Not for the faint of heart!

DIY Xmas Tree Lights

A little flashing light for your Christmas tree - Simply solder it up, put in a coin cell battery, and watch it go! This is a very simple project for beginners, a flashing light to make your Christmas that bit more DIY. The kit includes the board and all the components required to produce the product and requires some basic soldering skills, ideal for those looking to get into electronics!

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