RN52 Arduino Library

The Doayee RN52 Arduino Library is a detailed library for use with the RN52 Bluetooth Audio module from Microchip. The library is designed for use with the features of the v1.16 firmware for the RN52 and allows for convenient communication with the RN52 module, using a microcontroller rather than a command line interface. This allows for much greater usability and the ability to run groups of commands, one after the other, on demand with minimal user input.

The vast majority of features available when communicating with the RN52 in "Command Mode" have been included in this library. All the relevant downloads are available above, the library itself from GitHub, with example sketches included, and an online command guide is also available.

16x2 LCD Support

Want to add a standard 16x2 LCD screen to your RN52 or BAL? We have written a feature rich example sketch bundled with our library to enable you to display scrolling information about the track title, artist, track number, album and connected device. Just plug and play!

BAL - RN52 Development Board

We wrote this RN52 Arduino Library to be used in conjunction with our BAL – Bluetooth Audio Link, a feature rich RN52 development kit with on-board amplifier, and broken out pins. See its product page to purchase one. However, it can also be used with any RN52 module, using information found here.

If you have any queries or require support regarding the RN52 Arduino Library, please contact us using the BAL support pages.

RN52 Library Screenshot