Sparkfun Dumpster Dive!

Hey guys!

So recently I ordered a Sparkfun Dumpster Dive from, well, Sparkfun… Above is the video of me unboxing it. If you want to see the photos in a bit higher detail, then check below, also links to most of the products can be found below too (the ones I could find).

I unbox a Sparkfun Dumpster Dive box!

Dumpster Dive Link:

Eval Board for MAX2000-RAX:

Connecters: You try finding them 😛


Arduino Cellular Shield:

GPS Eval Board: Can’t find any info on this… I assume it was a production test run or something…

Incremental Rotary Encoder:

Motor with Gearbox: Again, can’t find it…

Ultra Sonic Range Finder:

Pieces of plywood: Go to your local hardware store

More Connectors: See last set of connectors

Ethernet connector:

Opto-Interrupter: Not worth posting a link, you can get them everywhere…

Battery Holders:

Tactile Switch:

TWR-K60N512 Freescale Tower Module:


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