RTC Using a SeedBoard

Hi everyone,

If you haven’t heard, me and my co-partner are building a development board to embed into projects rather than using a full blown Arduino. For more details see this post.

Anyway, as one of the first projects for this little board, I have hooked it up to a DS1307 real time clock, and an AXE133Y OLED display to make a simple clock. As shown below:

SeedBoard Rev 2.0 with RTC


I have simply connected the I²C lines to the same pins on the Arduino and wired up the ds1307 like the data sheet tells you to do. If someone asks I will draw up a schematic for you all, though many can be found online – like this one.

I hope to do many more projects in the coming weeks and months prior to the launch of this board next year so keep posted to see what else the SeedBoard can do. And as always you will be able to find the links to the Arduino sketches on our github page linked at the top of this page.

Thanks guys,


SeedBoardSeedBoard with RTC

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  2. My question is :
    If you connect DS3231 module ( Extremely accurate RTC with temperature compensated) instead of DS1307 in this project, will it work ?

    Thanks for this project.

    Som Nath Roy

    • From a brief glance at the datasheet of the ds3231, I would say it should work fine, the hookup is virtually identical! You may need a different library specific to the ds3231, but those are fairly easy to find and use 🙂 apart from that it should work exactly the same!


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